Our cooperative is design to make it practical for Small Business Owners to access venture funding, while providing job opportunities for jobseekers to build capacity and advance their careers.


Join Our Community

If you have an interesting business idea, or you are an investor prospecting for investment opportunities, or you need a job; you are in the right place. Register and join our cooperative, and take advantage of the resources at our disposal.

For Jobseekers

Upon verification of registration, you’ll be engaged to join a cohort of our WORKPLACE READINESS training, equipping you with the competence for a suitable job placement in a business within and outside our cooperative.

For Investors

Investors’ interest is our priority; therefore we put significant efforts in the verification process of business ideas registered on our platform. Deploying a robust audit and risk management system, details such as the dynamics of founding team, products/ services concept, revenue channels, and expansion strategy are vetted to meet the standard requirement for investment.

For Small Business Owners

Upon verification and review of business ideas, within an incubation cycle of 3 to 6 months, developmental activities are initiated to transform concepts to Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and pitched for investment. Businesses within the cooperative are handheld, from start up to expansion, ensuring efficiency, accountability, and profitability to stakeholders of the venture.


Here you'll find a thriving community that will help you get clarity on your next move, providing the support and tools you need to make it happen. Our Cooperative is designed to offer its members a clear path to profitability- from Ideation, development, to execution.