Investing in a company at the very beginning of its lifecycle can prove to be very profitable. Betting on early-stage companies is a high-risk high-reward endeavor, it is important to understand that many startups fail and leave investors with nothing.

While it is unlikely that investing in a startup will yield exponential profits overnight, our cooperative platform- Vestcraft can help diversify and broaden investment portfolios that gives the satisfaction of supporting small businesses that one believes in. Our unique approach in identifying and pitching business ideas allows investors to make informed decisions about their funding interests, either in equity-ownership, project-based stake-holdings, or as grants.

At Vestcraft we present investors with a list of Small Businesses seeking startup or growth funding. These Businesses are technology-enabled companies with cheaper, faster, and better Minimum Viable Products or Services that have undergone due diligence verifications, and span across industry sectors such as Retail, Fitness & Health Services, Fashion & Beauty Services, Entertainment & Sports, Catering & Food Services, Transportation & Logistics, Cleaning & Laundry Services, ICT Services, Real Estate, Agro Products & Services, Energy Services, and Auto Repairs & Mechanical Services.

For every business on our platform, we conduct a four-step screening process that analyzes a firm’s Founders, Product or Service, Market, and Growth Strategy. Our long term goal is to fund more than 1,000 small businesses driven to scale by technology, and collectively generating a minimum of $1,000,000,000 in revenue by the year 2030.


Here you'll find a thriving community that will help you get clarity on your next move, providing the support and tools you need to make it happen. Our Cooperative is designed to offer its members a clear path to profitability- from Ideation, development, to execution.