Vestcraft is a Cooperative that connects investors’ funds to verified and viable business ideas and match skilled personnel as employees for ventures on our platform.

Our core objective is to build capacity for small business ideas and link investors to venture deals that guarantee consistent and exponential growth on their investment.

How it Works

Our Vision

Fund 1,000 small and essential business ideas, by integrating digital technology to their business processes, and generate a minimum of $1,000,000,000 in products and services revenue by the year 2030.

What We Do

Funding for Small Businesses

Our Cooperative is designed to explore creative funding solutions that remove barriers for business owners to scale their product or service with a cheaper, faster, or better offering.

Global Reach for Homegrown Business Ideas

At Vestcraft, we make the process of harmonizing ideas and investment a seamless experience for investors around the world in search of viable local businesses in need of early-stage and growth capital.

Up-skilling Workforce for SMEs

Our platform provides a pool of retrained personnel with specific and generic workplace skills, who are recruited as employees for businesses funded by Vestcraft.

Product Development and Market Access

At Vestcraft, we build teams and provide resources that transform marketable ideas to Minimum Viable Products; from research, engineering, testing, to market access.

Our Focus Area

Vestcraft is focused on building capacity to enable access to early-stage and growth funding (working capital and asset acquisition) for ventures within our Cooperative, in the following categories:

Health & Fitness


Transportation & Logistics


Agro Value Chain

Food Processing

Construction & Real Estate

Information Technology

Environmental & Cleaning

Finance & Insurance

Ecommerce & Retail

We are laser-focused in blending resources gleaned from skilled teams, enthusiastic investors, and good business ideas, to achieve a community of home-grown digitally-enabled enterprises that are commercially viable.

What You Get


Provide the resources (training and exposure) to expand your options of getting employment, improve your performance at work, and thrive in a career that is immensely valuable to organizations.


Provide seasoned expertise to help develop your entrepreneurial potentials, refine your products or services, structure your operations, attract investment, and facilitate market access.


Identify, design, and promote social causes that align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that positively impact the lives of children, women, and youths in rural communities in Nigeria.


Here you'll find a thriving community that will help you get clarity on your next move, providing the support and tools you need to make it happen. Our Cooperative is designed to offer its members a clear path to profitability- from Ideation, development, to execution.